Netmarketing Academy

Webmarketing teaching experience

Netmarketing Academy is a webmarketing school created by a 18 years experienced internet pioneer, who gave hundreds of companies (traditional companies, ecommerce, media, intermediary, application applications) mobile) advice on issues concerning SEO, Adwords campaign management, Facebook and Linkedin campaign management, retargeting, affiliate programs. He taugh his first introduction to the professional Internet in June 1996, his first training in SEO in June 1997, his first training in e-commerce in 1999 for Science Po, his first webmarketing training in 2002 for Renault.

A webmarketing audit during the training

Since its first training in June 1996, the trainer has been constantly refining the pedagogy used, giving priority in its webmarketing courses to the presentation of clear methods, illustrated examples and practical advice. During a typical webmarketing training, thanks to his experience, he carries out real-time audits of the state of natural referencing, the performance of the Adwords campaign, the affiliate program or the emailing strategy. identifies the main growth margins on sites that have just launched VSEs, large, well-known SMEs or major ecommerce portals

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